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Learn About Our Selling Process

Looking to sell your team? The Ferrara Team has a proven method to help sell your house for the best price!


Step 1

Define Your Needs

Write down all the reasons for selling your home & establish what goals you would like to accomplish with the sale (i.e. time frame, profit margin etc). Meet with your agent to see what the best path is to accomplishing these objectives & set a realistic time frame for the sale.

Step 2

Name Your Price

Your next objective, is to determine the best possible selling price of your house. Setting a fair asking price from the outset will generate the most activity from other agents & buyers. The real estate's expertise is invaluable at this point, as we do the research to make sure your house is priced right. Studies show that homes priced higher than 3% of their market value take longer to sell.

Step 3

Prepare Your Home

It is time to get your house into "showroom" condition. The condition of your home will affect how quickly it sells & the price the buyer is willing to offer. First impressions are most important! A home with too much "personality" is harder to sell. Removing family photos, momentos & personalized decor will help buyers visualize the home as theirs.

Step 4

Get The Word Out

The agent from the Ferrara Team will then set up a marketing strategy specifically for your home. In addition to listing your home on the MLS, your agent will use a combination of different tactics to bring the most qualified buyers to your home. Your agent will structure the marketing plan so that the first three to six weeks are the busiest.

Step 5

Receive An Offer

After you have received a written offer, your agent will find out whether or not the individual is prequalified or preapproved to purchase your home. If so, then you & your agent will review the proposed contact, taking care to understand what is required of both parties to execute the transaction. At this point you have three options: 1) Accept the contract as is 2) Counteroffer 3) Reject it. Once both parties have signed a written offer, the document becomes legally binding.

Step 6

Negotiate To Sell

Most offers to purchase your home will require some negotiating to come to a win-win agreement. Your real estate agent is well versed on the intricacies of the contract used in your area & will protect your best interest throughout the bargaining process. Once both parties have agreed on the terms of the sale, your agent will prepare a contract.

Step 7

Prepare To Close

Once you accept an offer to sell your house, you will need to make a list of all the things you & your buyer must do before closing. Your agent can spearhead the effort & serve as your advocate when dealing with the buyer's agents & service providers. If each procedure returns acceptable results as defined by the contract, the sale may continue. If a problem arises with the home, the buyer may decide to walk away, open up a new round of negotiations or proceed to closing. A few days before closing, you will contact the entity that is closing the transaction & make sure the necessary documents will be ready to sign on the appropriate date.

Step 8

Close The Deal

"Closing" refers to the meeting where ownership of the property is legally transferred to the buyer. Your agent will be present during the closing to guide you through the process & make sure everything goes as planned, where they can mediate any last-minute issues that may arise. In some states, an attorney is required & you may wish to have one present. Congrats, you just sold your home!

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