April 17, 2020 at 10:43am | Ron Ferrara
Home Sweet Home
There’s only so much TV to binge-watch before restlessness kicks in. This extended time indoors is a good opportunity to try some DIY’s. Here are some for your bedroom to try!  

Kid Zone
Going to the zoo is a family favorite activity. If you wonder what these awesome animals are doing right this minute, take a sneak peek into their day by  watching them LIVE on a webcam! Plus, here’s a bonus  printable activity packet for the little ones.

Library Lab
The New York Public Library is offering a great variety of digital content 24/7!  Take advantage of all the resources they have available, from e-books, movies and music.  You can even apply for a library card online for quick access! 

Pinch of Yum
Get your slow cookers out, my friends! We have some great meal ideas for the whole family  – even the picky eaters will find a favorite! 

Your Well Being
Journaling is a mindful practice that's been shown to reduce stress and anxiety. The rules of journaling?  There aren’t any. Just write, draw or rant even!  See why it can help you more than you know.

Escape and join the circus — without ever leaving your living room. We found the most magical experience you need to try. You can now  virtually watch free Cirque du Soleil shows right from your home. (Check out their Previous Specials link too)

Move & Groove
Bored of your workout? It’s time for a change or a break from the typical grind. If you need a boost, try this 19-Day Workout Challenge to keep your body moving and feeling great.  Day One starts here.


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