November 18, 2019 at 3:21pm | Ron Ferrara
  1. Less Competition From Other Home Buyers
    Most buyers take the month off to celebrate the holidays, attend parties, host out-of-town guests and, quite frankly, avoid trudging around in inclement weather to look at houses. Or, maybe they’ve heard that this is a lousy time to buy a house. Whatever the reason, shopping for real estate at a time when fewer buyers are in the market can pay off big.

  2. Motivated Home Sellers
    The Holiday Seller is likely to be serious and motivated—and therefore more open to negotiation. Most sellers have a compelling reason for putting their house on the market during the holidays. So what you might lack in choice of available homes could be balanced out by dealing with a more flexible seller.

  3. Tax Advantages
    Homeownership brings numerous tax perks, from deducting mortgage interest to property taxes. Also, many closing fees are tax-deductible if you itemize, although you should always double check with your accountant about any tax questions.

  4. A Realistic Picture Of The House
    What house doesn’t look amazing in the typical spring buying season, with newly planted flowers and plenty of sunlight streaming through the windows? Checking it out during the miserable winter season, on the other hand, might give you a more accurate idea of what you might be living with the rest of the year.

  5. Greater Accessibility To Professionals
    Since December is usually a slower month all around, you should have easier access to movers, inspectors, and mortgage brokers. In addition, motivated real estate agents will bend over backward to provide service with fewer client demands and will share your desire to get it done and in the books before the new year rolls around. Ditto on your mortgage broker, who is bound to speed your closing through.


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