What Do You Need To Be Able To Rent In the New York City Area?

1. Money
When the lease is signed, you will need to provide 3x the monthly rent. This will cover your security deposit, 1st months rent and all other associated fees.

2. Credit Report
Landlords require you to provide them with a credit report showing your current credit score. With the economy the way it is, many of them are requiring a minimum credit score to even look at their rentals. If you do not have a credit report handy, we can provide you one through our office.

3. Proof of Income
Landlords also require you to provide them with proof of your yearly income. Some buildings have very strict salary restrictions, meaning that you have to make a certain amount per year to be able to live in the building. Proof of Income could either be in the form of 3 paycheck stubs, last year’s w2 or a letter on your employers’ letterhead stating your salary. Please provide all forms of income (i.e. child support, investment income, etc).