What if we are considering another company?
The company doesn’t sell your home; it is the individual agent you choose. I am committed to being that agent. Compare our track record versus other agents.

What if we are thinking of selling our home “For Sale by Owner”?
The National association of realtors states: “Homes sold with the assistance of a real estate professional had a median sales price 27% higher than those sold as FSBO.”

What if we list high and come down later?
In today’s market, most buyers will not even look at property that is overpriced. You want the largest number of qualified buyers looking at your home. I’d rather see you list at the right price and turn offers away, then overprice and not get any offers at all.

What if I have a friend in the business?
Almost everyone knows someone in the real estate business. Do you absolutely want to sell this house, or do you want to do your friend a favor? Consider this a business decision.

What if another agent said they could get us more money?
An agent that lists your home overpriced is often afraid to tell you the truth or just wants a listing to cultivate other leads. Buyers tell us what they will pay for a house like yours, not the agent.

What are you going to do to sell our home?
You may not be aware, but there are two types of real estate agents, passive and active. I am an active agent. This means, when you list your home with me, I’ll spend my time actively and aggressively marketing your home to the public and to other agents in the community.

What if another agent said they would do it for less?
That’s a valid concern. Something to consider seriously is this: Do you really want to be at a clear disadvantage when marketing your home? We have to market your home to two people: the agents and the buyers. We will aggressively market to both.